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Invest in a powerful Ethereum Blockchain based cryptocurrency backed by a complete digital payment solution.

About BD-coin

An innovative service architecture and ERC20 standard smart contracts make BDcoin, the people's favorite medium for transactions in Ethereum environment. The launch of BDcoin will mark the beginning of a new age highly advanced as well as a scalable digital payment system. Coupled with the crypto Global Exchange, crypto Wallet and the two ATM’s BDcoin thrives to provide one-click solutions to all your transactional needs. Download whitepaper or visit ICO section to grab initial offers and discounts. There are 210,000,000 BDcoin Tokens for Presale. Each token comes at $0.150.


Interest Free loan

Good News for the early Investors and Partners of BDcoin and other Crypto owners!!. BDcoin is offering interest-free loans for a period of 90 days against the deposit of BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP and BDT coins. Loan eligibility and amount depends on your deposit value while the standard loan period is 90 days. We only charge the gas fee for the loan transaction in Ethereum environments. It is a great opportunity for our esteemed business partners to grow their future with BDcoin.



We care for you and your dear ones too!!. Non-regulated transactions are the future and we don't want you or your family to fall behind. BDcoin transaction solutions include two crypto-based ATM cards linked to a common account. The Ethereum Contracts ensure that you and your family’s privacy remains intact in transactions. No service charge or transaction cost will be charged on the ATM cards for the first year (for our earlier investors), as a token of appreciation for believing in us.


Dedicated Digital Wallet/Exchange

Secure Digital wallets as a one-stop solution to all your payment needs. Compatibility with Global Exchanges as well as BDT exchange. Support for bitcoin, BDcoin and multiple other cryptocurrencies (buy, sells and hold) and fiat currencies. On the go token management, trading and transactions.


Decentralized App

The BDT App servers are distributed in nature. DApp framework ensures transparency as data is not controlled by a centralized authority. Protecting the privacy and confidence of individual account holders is our first priority at BDT.


Crypto Edu-Care

‘Grow With Us’ is our principle motto. In a highly-competitive crypto market abuzz with new announcements and happenings, staying informed about a particular ICO can be intimidating. Thanks to our dedicated cryptocurrency blog along with our knowledge forums (press release and social media pages), investors and users can now easily keep in touch with all the do’s and don'ts of the ICO investment opportunities, tips and news about BDT ICO.


Crypto TV Channel

Communication is the key to a great client-customer relationship. This is more true for cryptocurrencies plagued by defaulters. Our 24*7 crypto TV channel will keep investors and potential clients updated with the latest news of our token, price, the cryptocurrency market, trading at a crypto exchange. Live News, Market Trends, Marquee guests will be highlights of the Crypto TV Channel.

Pre Sale Opportunity

BDcoin as the first Global Cryptocurrency Company in the world brings many unique offers, including life time Shareholder advantage, for individuals and investors who would be interested in this platform. Our early investors get more benefits as follows:

  • Two ATM cards (one year free of charge)
  • Priority-based interest free loan
  • Low price BDT token (during ICO)
  • Free 3-months Crypto Robot Trader (For trading on the Exchange)
  • Crypto Education
  • Up to 15% partnership bonus and 25% purchase bonus and many more.

Basically, BDcoin is giving you a lifetime opportunity to build your smart life as a member of the BDcoin Smart Technology world.

Smart Project for Smart Future

Alternative Payment System

It will take some time before everyone on the planet uses Crypto Wallets. BDT ATM cards will facilitate emergency money withdrawals and transfers.

All in One Platform

The Digital wallet coupled with the BD token provides a one-stop transaction solution. Users can pay their monthly bills, credit card dues etc.

Crypto ATM Machine

Withdraw Cash against BDcoin via BDT ATMs across the globe. The BDT ecosystem brings together the good of the old system with the possibilities of the future.

The Future is Now

Only $1000 of initial investment can potentially make you several Hundred Thousands of Dollars. The growth of cryptocurrencies knows no boundaries. Take the advantage for changing your life to the financial freedom. Cryptocurrencies are changing our financial world. The Blockchain technology has enabled us to completely rethink our process of financial transactions. The market and the possibilities it can offer are increasing every day.

Money and Banking

Everyone uses the money. The traditional way we use money every day in order to survive in day-to-day life involves some risks and regulations. While fiscal policy is managed by a nation's government, monetary policy is handled by the country's central banks. We do not have much control over our own money after we deposit it to the bank, including the limited capability to perform desired transactions. We have to pay charges and wait for three to five days minimum for each international transaction.

Digital Payment Solutions

One click solution for all your transactional and banking requirements. Now, you can make payments, Transfer Money, shop online or offline, exchange coin/tokens with other Cryptocurrencies or Fiat currencies and do much more. Crypto Technology gives us the freedom to perform any transaction using our smartphone or iPad devices without any hassle. Smart people believe in smart technology because Cryptocurrency is the future of money.

Crypto Technology


Bitcoin is the first true cryptocurrency. BitCoin can be defined as the seed for a revolutionary idea. But Scalability and Network security remain a concern in Bitcoin Networks. The transaction speeds are low and transaction confirmation time is slow. This fosters monopoly. With limited numbers of bitcoins, the problems are only going to increase as far as real-world applications are concerned. Bitcoin mining is only getting costlier by the day.



BDcoin uses the Ethereum Environment that provides digital payment and transaction solutions free of monopoly and complex computing. Controlled Mining with minimum upfront costs. Push payment model further powers the BDT wallet. Easily exchangeable across all Crypto Exchanges for other Crypto coins and FIAT Currencies.

Global Digital Exchange

BDT’s own Global Digital Exchange will provide a seamless gateway to the world of cryptocurrency trading. The exchange platform will be integrated with the BDT Digital Wallet app and can be accessed by our investors directly from their wallet accounts. The exchange provides support for a number of cryptocurrencies and some fiat currencies. It will allow users to trade their BD tokens for other crypto-tokens such as BTC or ETH, as well as hold and sell coins as and when deemed appropriate according to the market value.

Crypto Robot Trader

Crypto robot trader is an automated trading service provided by the BD-coin Digital Global Exchange Platform. It can be accessed on the Exchange platform and can be used by the tokenholders for the automation of the trading process.The service will be available for free of charge (for the first three months) only for our early ICO investors who invest a minimum of $1000 with us during the pre sale.

Smart FinTech

Transactions are based on trust. The blockchain is an efficient solution when trust is at the core of any form of transactions. Traditional Finance Transactions are middlemen driven. BDT based on ERC20 standard is driven by decentralized ledgers. Your BDT Transactions are secure and free of costs. The underlying functions for BDT payment solutions are open source. This makes digital payment solutions based on the Ethereum environment low on cost and maintenance.

Transparency fosters trust in Smart Fintech Solutions. BDT Tokens may be monitored to gain Crypto Market Insights. Smart Contracts in the BDT blocks only contains hex-coded user identification. No personal information is encrypted in the blocks. The ERC20 standard is open-source by nature. The proof of stake or hybrid model for validating future transactions Acts as a deterrent for non-ethical miners.

Risk Management

Diverse Investment Portfolio strongly safeguards your investments against the market fluctuations. The incentivized Ethereum Blockchain is self-regulating. Unprocessed or failed transactions are instantly refunded. Powered by cryptography the smart contracts ensure unfledged user privacy. The ERC20 standard blocks even if regulated can never contain user details.

BDcoin with its own dedicated Global Exchange is tradable across major crypto exchanges. Investors can even exchange their coins for Fiat Currencies. BDcoin backed by assets minimizes major risks that plague modern cryptocurrencies where liquidity remains a great roadblock.

Risk matnagement
No Need External Exchange

No Need External Exchange

BDcoins owners will enjoy their own cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange will facilitate easy token buying - selling as well as Fiat Exchange. BDcoins can also be exchanged across other exchanges also. BDcoin exchange will work at a minimal operational cost in the form of gas fees.

Global Digital Exchange

Dedicated Digital Wallet/Exchange

Secure Digital wallets as a one-stop solution to all your payment needs. Compatibility with Global Exchanges as well as BDT exchange. Support for bitcoin, BDcoin and multiple other cryptocurrencies (buy, sells and hold) and fiat currencies. On the go token management, trading and transactions.

Transaction no Limits

Transaction no Limits

No more restrictions on transactions. Transactions are cryptographically secured. User identity is digitized in smart contracts. Whereas traditional transactions are limited, BDcoin users can transfer unregulated. BDcoin security team promises efficient watchdogs for No Limit No Capping transactions.

Why INVEST in BDcoin?

Secured User Data

Smart Contracts are anonymous by nature. They contain only the conditions of the deal. Regulators can observe market behavior while the contract holders remain secured. BDcoin subsumes these features to deliver unbreachable data security.

Most Credibility

Smart Contracts for BDcoin are self-executing or obliging by nature. They automatically execute obligations in case of any breach or inappropriate behavior on the part of coin owners. Hence BDcoin ensures utmost credibility for one and all.


The rules for the smart contracts can be set by The Ethereum ecosystem means that contracts can be defined and implemented as per the standards and conditions of the individuals involved. Contracts can be coded as per individuals the desired response to triggering events like expiration date, stock price hit etc. Contracts are incentivized.

invest graphicon

Features - Instant Payment Transfer



BDcoin is not limited to individual clients or users. It enjoys wide-scale applications. The BDcoin can be used by companies, enterprises, consumers, shopkeepers, online merchants and more. This makes it a true digital transaction solution.


Big Dreams need Big Investments. Transfer any amount from anyplace and anytime. Hassle free and non-restricted transactions are the USP of BDcoin. Multiple-Times or Multiple-People BDcoin transfers are smooth and frictionless.


Slower Transactions that limit crypto transactions are no longer an issue. BDcoin transaction time is in the microseconds. An autonomous separate ledger for all transaction made in the network makes way for a scalability with security model.

Short Term Bonus Offers

Partnership Bonus

  • 7%Level 1
  • 5%Level 2
  • 3%Level 3

There is a special referral program under which our investors and account holders can win attractive bonuses by referring others to join. Invite your friends and colleagues to join one of the most profitable digital currencies of today. The person who refers others to our ICO will get a referral bonus according to the terms mentioned below. Help each other grow together.

Purchase Bonus

  • Invest in Private Shareholder and Get Lifetime Membership
  • Invest Pre ICO Get 15% Additional Coins
  • Invest ICO Sale Phase 1 Get 20% Additional Coins
  • Invest ICO Sale Phase 2 Get 25% Additional Coins

Roadmap to Success

A great idea requires proper planning and implementation to bear fruitful outcomes. Below we clearly lay out the precise roadmap for our potential BDC investors, contributors, and token buyers.

Our Vision

The vision behind the foundation of BDcoin is – to provide a strong alternative to traditional payment solutions. We aim to establish a global digital payment solution that can be used for performing financial transactions at any time and anywhere in the world.

BDcoin is not just a currency but a complete payment system that is available in the form of a mobile application. Users can access the app for features like digital wallet - for managing and transacting BDcoins, digital exchange - for trading in cryptocoins, and a fast and secure global payment system.

Specification & Token Summary

On 1st January 2018 at midnight this new BDcoin cryptocurrency will be launched. Its motive is to empower the user with the advanced and more stable new currency. You can get your hands on it on specific pre-sales at a discounted rate.

  • Token Name: BDcoin
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Symbol: BDT

Coin Quantity is 2,100,000,000

For pre ICO sale 10%

ICO sale 10% 1st

ICO sale 10% 2nd

Bonuses and established promotion 20%

For open market 25%

Reserve 25%

  • Pre Sale Offer: $0.15000
  • ICO Sale price 1st: $0.2000
  • ICO sale price 2nd: $0.25000
  • Public market price: $0.3500

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